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How To Stay Anchored During Rocky Times

My morning meditation was interesting today. The thoughts were a culmination of things I’ve been reflecting upon this week, more consciously than ever. I was left with these words to express: Seeking stillness and anchoring oneself during the rockiest of times. . . I didn’t expand on that phrase and invite you to fill in… Continue reading How To Stay Anchored During Rocky Times

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Walk The Road Less Travelled

This morning I woke up inspired by some travel photos of yogis out there in the world. As I caught myself going through the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) abyss, I stopped myself immediately. On Fridays I like to feature others who practice yoga on my Instagram page and I stumbled across Adam Husler’s (@adhusyoga)… Continue reading Walk The Road Less Travelled

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Find Time to Sweat Once a Day

There is nothing better than sweating and that verb is brought to life at the new hot yoga studio, Sweat Yoga, in Santa Monica, CA. The urbanite is always on a¬†mission to find time in their busy schedule. Being a victim¬†of that same malaise, I have recently bought a ClassPass, so at least I won’t… Continue reading Find Time to Sweat Once a Day

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Just Breathe: 12 Office Meditations to Calm You the F Down

Have you ever had one of those mornings where you wake up overwhelmed without even having a sip of your first cup of coffee? Today was that day! These days I have taken on a lot upon myself, in my professional and personal life. Even though I have been able to manage my time effectively… Continue reading Just Breathe: 12 Office Meditations to Calm You the F Down