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Mr. Pramod, My Bachelor Driver!

The guest, in Indian culture, is highly regarded and to the westerner receiving this level of attention and pampering could often prove to be uncomfortable. Today, more than twenty staff members, including doctors, yoga teachers, and chefs saw me off as Mr. Pramod, the driver who I got the privilege of driving with, picked me… Continue reading Mr. Pramod, My Bachelor Driver!

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Trusting the Sharp Razor and the Barber Who Held It

My head was tilted at a 45 degree angle towards the rear of the barber’s chair, while the freshly placed razor was all ready to do its deed. The Algerian man slightly brought my head closer to the headrest, feeling the tension in my body as he slid the razor in a northerly fashion from the bottom of… Continue reading Trusting the Sharp Razor and the Barber Who Held It

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Dirty Laundry and Love (in Venice)

It is quite difficult and terrifying to publicly write about my experiences that are exactly those, MY personal experiences. There is a certain level of fear when one makes their inner thoughts and experiences public. A few days ago I received feedback in reference to my Finding Comfort in Discomfort post. The fellow online commenter said, “it’s comforting knowing… Continue reading Dirty Laundry and Love (in Venice)

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Finding Freedom in Rio De Janeiro

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, I would like to dwell on the meaning of freedom and the interpretation of it that makes perfect sense to me. I have no intention of codifying what MLK meant by it or tried to achieve with the long battle that was fought in the mid century,… Continue reading Finding Freedom in Rio De Janeiro

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Mystical Marrakech and Disorderly Lives

Today was one of those days when I set every intention to get things done, but minuscule challenges came my way and tested my patience. I set my alarm for 6am and did a fine job getting up to get ready to arrive to the office by 7:30am. A few accidents in the house, including the perfectly sized glass entering… Continue reading Mystical Marrakech and Disorderly Lives