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Nepal on my Mind: Monks, Sadhus and Astrologers

In my morning class, something urged me to express an experience I had during my time in Nepal. The memory of this experience from last November, as I thought was fading, today came back to me strong. It  has also made me go back into my phone and take a look at some of the… Continue reading Nepal on my Mind: Monks, Sadhus and Astrologers

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The Way of the Sadhu

     Sādhus are men who renounce worldly pleasures, dedicating themselves to achieving moksa, liberation through meditation and contemplation of Brahman, God. These photos are taken near Pashupatinath Temple in Nepal, in Kathmandu. Sādhus often wear saffron-coloured clothing, symbolising their sannyāsa (renunciation). Would you be able to renounce your life in search of liberation, in a… Continue reading The Way of the Sadhu