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Look Out For The Presence Of Wonder

How often do you walk without looking at what’s directly in front of you? In fact, how often do you look down?     Have you admired the trees? How their leaves fall? Fell?     What about the water that is around you with the same qualities within you?     What about the air you breathe?… Continue reading Look Out For The Presence Of Wonder

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A Quick (First Monday of the Year) Lesson On The Potential of your Mind 

One thing that was taught consistently at the Kopan Monastery during the 30 day retreat was the potential of the human mind. The ability to have direct control, in order to obtain joy and happiness, as well as, to cultivate positivity rather than the opposite is chosen every morning and every moment by humans.     … Continue reading A Quick (First Monday of the Year) Lesson On The Potential of your Mind 

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Walk The Road Less Travelled

This morning I woke up inspired by some travel photos of yogis out there in the world. As I caught myself going through the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) abyss, I stopped myself immediately. On Fridays I like to feature others who practice yoga on my Instagram page and I stumbled across Adam Husler’s (@adhusyoga)… Continue reading Walk The Road Less Travelled