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How To Get To My Top 5 Photogenic Landmarks?

Photo tourism is definitely not a thing of the past. If we all were to dig deep into our family photo album box, we would find our parents and grandparents starring in what look like Instagram filtered photography (what we now label vintage), in front of cool landmarks, posing. Back in the days it was as… Continue reading How To Get To My Top 5 Photogenic Landmarks?


8 Reasons Why You (Don’t) Want To Travel With a Blogger

As bloggers we do get used to taking photos without much help, but the minute we have a friend with us, the task becomes a hundred times easier and just more exciting. Having a good eye and a vision for moments and experiences, our friends can definitely benefit by being our travel companion. Truly though,… Continue reading 8 Reasons Why You (Don’t) Want To Travel With a Blogger

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Lack of Boundaries

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Boundaries.”

It is commonly said that lack of boundaries in relationships can cause for unhealthy tension or hazardous interpersonal relationships. Boundaries are undoubtedly important in our relationships, as well as, dangerous places such as 2000ft fjords where thousands of tourists frequent yearly.

These photos are taken in Norway (Preikestolen, Lysefjord) while practicing yoga asana. More on my Instagram page.
With a clear lack of boundary on those cliffs, a wrong slip or imbalance, it would cause extreme hazard to one’s life. Read full article on Unfearful of Death; Unfearful of Living for full story on my experience with this boundary-less area where Norwegians decided that chains and safety measures were unrequired.

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Unfearful of Death; Unfearful of Living. 

When we decided to take the hike to beautiful Preikestolen, my friends and I knew that the well placed signage and semi challenging but not impossible trail would get us up to a magical and serene vantage point. Enough research had been done.     What we didn’t know was the emotions that would be stirred… Continue reading Unfearful of Death; Unfearful of Living.