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Look Out For The Presence Of Wonder

How often do you walk without looking at what’s directly in front of you? In fact, how often do you look down?     Have you admired the trees? How their leaves fall? Fell?     What about the water that is around you with the same qualities within you?     What about the air you breathe?… Continue reading Look Out For The Presence Of Wonder

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Part II: How To Stay Anchored During Rocky Times ? 

As I left the question quite vague and open in Part I of this post, the answers I got through snapchat and other venues were quite fascinating, interesting and some very humorous. Kino MacGregor (@kinoyoga) also chimed in on my snapchat, right as I was posting my evening Instagram post of the #backtobackbends challenge.

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5 Truths Behind Those Yoga Photos on Instagram

Many won’t believe this, but I absolutely despised being in front of a camera as an adolescent and well into my mid 20s. These years were filled with the struggles of being overweight. It started off as being chubby and cute, but I ended my first semester at university with a max weight of 240 pounds.

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FlowMosa and Mid Century: The spaces we create, the places we go

Moving back home to LA has been an adjustment on various dimensions. I was lucky to land back in LA with a cushion and support by staying at my parent’s home for a few months. Of course, this space, which I was able to call mine and should have fit right in, no longer felt… Continue reading FlowMosa and Mid Century: The spaces we create, the places we go

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How to perpetuate positivity and productivity?

A week ago when I decided to brainstorm and start writing, I took down some notes and structured what I wanted to write. However, it was not the time. The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of emotions combined with new experiences in my professional and personal life, which all served a purpose of learning new… Continue reading How to perpetuate positivity and productivity?