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Instagram Giveaway: Manduka projectOM Yoga Mat and Accessories

I have been using the Manduka PRO yoga mat since I moved back to LA about four years ago. I am still using the same mat and have two others, the travel mat and the eKo, which I equally love and use depending on my practice. Not only is the product and brand reliable, I… Continue reading Instagram Giveaway: Manduka projectOM Yoga Mat and Accessories

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Dear Instagram Yogis, This One is For You

I am so tired of having to think about what to post on Instagram I am uninspired I know there is so much ego involved, but I have to do it I am inspired I know my followers expect me to post at least two pics a day I am uninspired  I wish I didn’t… Continue reading Dear Instagram Yogis, This One is For You

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Recipe for a Successful Yoga Getaway

19 open-minded individuals ready for… 9 hours of grueling but yummy yoga in 3 days a warm and sunny climate delicious food poolside fun and lots of water Super grateful for a successful first getaway in Palm Springs, CA. Having the support of friends and family, but most importantly getting to make new friends was the perfect… Continue reading Recipe for a Successful Yoga Getaway

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#MadeForYoga: What is your story?

Manduka is collecting and sharing transformational yoga stories. How did you come to yoga? And what transformed in your life when you found your practice? Every person’s story is unique and here I share mine: Everyone is made for yoga, including YOU. As part of the @MandukaYoga social media campaign, I’d like to share my introduction… Continue reading #MadeForYoga: What is your story?

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Grounded Feet, Grounded Mind

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Beneath Your Feet.” In an article I read in Yoga Journal,  it is argued that the “veneration of the foot reflects its importance as the foundation of the temple of the body.”  After learning about the importance of “working from the ground up”  (i.e. the feet) in yoga… Continue reading Grounded Feet, Grounded Mind

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Find Time to Sweat Once a Day

There is nothing better than sweating and that verb is brought to life at the new hot yoga studio, Sweat Yoga, in Santa Monica, CA. The urbanite is always on a mission to find time in their busy schedule. Being a victim of that same malaise, I have recently bought a ClassPass, so at least I won’t… Continue reading Find Time to Sweat Once a Day