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Dear Instagram Yogis, This One is For You

I am so tired of having to think about what to post on Instagram I am uninspired I know there is so much ego involved, but I have to do it I am inspired I know my followers expect me to post at least two pics a day I am uninspired  I wish I didn’t… Continue reading Dear Instagram Yogis, This One is For You

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LYFT Confessions: The Girl From Iran

You were once a young child, just as worthy of care as any other. Can you see yourself as a child? Wouldn’t you wish the best for that little person? The same is true today: you are a human being like any other-and just as deserving of happiness, love, and wisdom.  Buddha’s Brain by Rick… Continue reading LYFT Confessions: The Girl From Iran

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It Is The Little Things . . .

It really is the little things . . . Waking up another Sunday morning, earlier than most people I know, tapping through exciting Snapchat stories, I caught myself with little bit of envy.  An envy that was unfounded and illogical as I had a beautiful evening with friends, which was preceded by a wholesome afternoon… Continue reading It Is The Little Things . . .

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Look Out For The Presence Of Wonder

How often do you walk without looking at what’s directly in front of you? In fact, how often do you look down?     Have you admired the trees? How their leaves fall? Fell?     What about the water that is around you with the same qualities within you?     What about the air you breathe?… Continue reading Look Out For The Presence Of Wonder

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LYFT Confessions: You’re in Jail in Your Own Mind

“I’m not even going to lie to you, I’m checking myself into jail right now” said she.  I’m not even going to lie to you, pride and ego aside, I’ve decided to drive for Lyft (and happily doing so) to get back on my feet after my four month (not so cheap) journey. In an… Continue reading LYFT Confessions: You’re in Jail in Your Own Mind

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A Quick (First Monday of the Year) Lesson On The Potential of your Mind 

One thing that was taught consistently at the Kopan Monastery during the 30 day retreat was the potential of the human mind. The ability to have direct control, in order to obtain joy and happiness, as well as, to cultivate positivity rather than the opposite is chosen every morning and every moment by humans.     … Continue reading A Quick (First Monday of the Year) Lesson On The Potential of your Mind 

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“I Live My Life Without Regrets”: Do We Really Mean That?

I am guilty for making absolute claims that “I do not live my life with regrets”. But in the long run, I really do not, because I try damn hard to not attach to those regrets. I have moments of regret, but trusting my intuition and taking risks, I know that good things will come.

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Inspiration via Nature

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Inspiration.” Nature inspires.    Inspiration normally happens in the moments of solitude, especially when one is engulfed in the beauty of what the universe has gifted us via the natural process of growth and evolution. The beauty of seeking nature is that it is all encompassing… Continue reading Inspiration via Nature