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New Year. Same Badass You.

ody policing and shaming has NO space in my classes nor at the places I choose to work. As someone who has worked for many years on making sure I get to a place of physical, emotional and mental well-being, triggers of fat shaming especially do not serve me. To be able to accept the beauty that is me and the “enoughness” that is me requires that I stay grounded around people and  communities who do the same. In a city that generally does otherwise, find a space that values you as you. So friends, as you step into your new year routine, remember that you are beautiful the way you are. You are enough the way you are. You are welcome to my classes the way you are. May this year be one of authenticity, joy and grounding for us all.

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How To Make Ginger Turmeric Shots in Less than 30 Minutes

You have about 22 hours to check the fun Instastory on how I made this delicious wellness tonic. Hurry, click here. But, this batch turned out so good I’d like to share the recipe with you. You will have about 5-7 days worth of shots. Make sure you refrigerate it after you have your first fresh… Continue reading How To Make Ginger Turmeric Shots in Less than 30 Minutes

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10 Days of Coconut Oil Pulling: Fad or Not?

My mornings, for the past 10 days have begun with a half a teaspoon of delicious cold pressed virgin coconut oil, which I purchased on my trip to Thailand. I know a lot of people who have tried oil pulling and are disgusted of putting about 20g of fat into their mouth and whooshing it around… Continue reading 10 Days of Coconut Oil Pulling: Fad or Not?

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5 Ways to Enjoy the Beach During The Winter Months

“Let’s go to the beach on January 9th”, said no Angeleno ever.  Going to the beach during the winter months, especially in LA, when you can’t expose your skin and get a few shades darker, is considered to be pointless by many I know. In fact, I’ve never really associated going to the beach during… Continue reading 5 Ways to Enjoy the Beach During The Winter Months

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Ayurvedic Water Detox Recipe

So this infusion recipe I found on a FaceBook Ayurveda page has had 12 hours to sit and turn into a magic fat losing potion and I will begin taking it today for four days.  I’m wondering if anyone else has tried this. I’m definitely not buying the “flat stomach” gimmick, but can’t be bad to… Continue reading Ayurvedic Water Detox Recipe