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“I Live My Life Without Regrets”: Do We Really Mean That?

I am guilty for making absolute claims that “I do not live my life with regrets”. But in the long run, I really do not, because I try damn hard to not attach to those regrets. I have moments of regret, but trusting my intuition and taking risks, I know that good things will come.

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Lack of Boundaries

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Boundaries.”

It is commonly said that lack of boundaries in relationships can cause for unhealthy tension or hazardous interpersonal relationships. Boundaries are undoubtedly important in our relationships, as well as, dangerous places such as 2000ft fjords where thousands of tourists frequent yearly.

These photos are taken in Norway (Preikestolen, Lysefjord) while practicing yoga asana. More on my Instagram page.
With a clear lack of boundary on those cliffs, a wrong slip or imbalance, it would cause extreme hazard to one’s life. Read full article on Unfearful of Death; Unfearful of Living for full story on my experience with this boundary-less area where Norwegians decided that chains and safety measures were unrequired.

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3-course Lunch Meals under 13€ for the Barcelona Foodie

The past few weeks I’ve discovered two new gems and I just got back from having a three course at what I consider to be the best menu restaurant thus far in the city. I am still waiting for my next discovery and I would appreciate your help. So here are my top three places in three different neighborhoods you might easily find yourself while in Barcelona.

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Part II: How To Stay Anchored During Rocky Times ? 

As I left the question quite vague and open in Part I of this post, the answers I got through snapchat and other venues were quite fascinating, interesting and some very humorous. Kino MacGregor (@kinoyoga) also chimed in on my snapchat, right as I was posting my evening Instagram post of the #backtobackbends challenge.

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Shameful Thoughts: The Moral Depravity of our Society

I knew the right thing to do was to help her to my fullest capacity. As a matter of fact, she had the courage to ask me for help, a complete stranger. I dropped her off at the bus stop. She had a heavy bag, which seemed to be most of her possessions she had taken for the day. I asked her if I can carry that for her as she slowly, limped and excited my car. She turned around and told me “now don’t drive away with that!”

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5 Truths Behind Those Yoga Photos on Instagram

Many won’t believe this, but I absolutely despised being in front of a camera as an adolescent and well into my mid 20s. These years were filled with the struggles of being overweight. It started off as being chubby and cute, but I ended my first semester at university with a max weight of 240 pounds.

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Nothing is Permanent: 365 days since I left Barcelona

The trail of tears began as my ex accompanied me to the airport. I was unable to stop crying as I entered the international departures. The police officers asked that I take my sunglasses off, only to discover that a grown man with a beard is sobbing (and nothing wrong with that). The flight attendants treaded lightly around me as they noticed that with each serving of wine, the saga continued.

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Colorblind Man In Search of Rainbows

Many say it is “sad” once they are convinced that I have decreased ability or inability to see color, or perceive color differences, under normal lighting conditions. But what I truly find to be sad is that when there is a beautiful rainbow out, I will in fact, never see all seven rays. However, I am undoubtedly able to feel a heightened state of emotions such as joy and excitement with the sight of one. I have come to make meaning of what a rainbow is to me. In fact, I too, as a colorblind, can appreciate a rainbow, even though I only see 4 or 5 of its rays.

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The Journey of the 5 Sensual Pleasures at the Holualoa Inn

Three weeks ago what was only an embryo of an idea of retreating for a few days from the city became a quick reality as I found an outstanding escape opportunity with some American Airlines miles to the Big Island of Hawaii. With minimal research, I was lucky enough to find accommodation, which met what I… Continue reading The Journey of the 5 Sensual Pleasures at the Holualoa Inn