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Portrait Series: The Violinist

To give peace with ones music is a knowledge I do not possess. At times I’ve wished to have learnt. In fact, feelings of envy come up sometimes when I’m engulfed in the beautiful set of notes being orchestrated by man and his instrument.  However, we all have a way of transmitting knowledge; a musician… Continue reading Portrait Series: The Violinist

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Portrait Series: The Bus Drivers at Vanadzor  

These men were pure fun and living examples of how joy should be found in whatever situation you are in. From the moment I got to Vanadzor bus station at 10am to the moment our shared taxi left at 11:15am, they cracked jokes and profanely expressed themselves (of course only in the presence of men).… Continue reading Portrait Series: The Bus Drivers at Vanadzor  

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Portrait Series: Adría

Our paths crossed over social media and we decided to meet at the Armenian Genocide Memorial Monument and Museum, Tsitsernakaberd. I immediately volunteered to share my knowledge of my ancestors with Adría.     We walked through Vernisage, had Armenian coffee and suddenly it was decided that I’d tag along on his trip up to the… Continue reading Portrait Series: Adría

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Portrait Series: Rafael

Rafael was 30 minutes late, understandably so. The roads are unpredictable, moreover, with good Armenian fashion, early or on time is not considered fashionable. Already accustomed to time being relative in this region, plus living in Barcelona for so long, this did not bother me at all. In fact, there was no hard feeling as… Continue reading Portrait Series: Rafael