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What is Jivamukti Yoga and Where To Find It In Barcelona?

I was entirely satisfied and fulfilled with my Kundalini practice in Barcelona up until this week when I got introduced to Jivamukti with Olga Oskorbina. On Tuesday evening, I met one of my friends who now lives in Prague, but comes to the city often. She said that every time she comes to Barcelona to visit,… Continue reading What is Jivamukti Yoga and Where To Find It In Barcelona?

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“I Live My Life Without Regrets”: Do We Really Mean That?

I am guilty for making absolute claims that “I do not live my life with regrets”. But in the long run, I really do not, because I try damn hard to not attach to those regrets. I have moments of regret, but trusting my intuition and taking risks, I know that good things will come.

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Where to find the best croissant in Barcelona? 

As I impatiently type this with my sticky fingers as the flavors linger on my tastebuds, I’m certain I’ve found the best croissant in the city of Barcelona. Having lived here for six years I have tried mediocre croissants and wasted precious calories on them. Today, as I tried this place for the second time,… Continue reading Where to find the best croissant in Barcelona? 


Happy Place: Barcelona on a Mat

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Happy Place.”

My happy place is usually when I’m on my mat and practicing at a studio with group energy. However, a strong passion of mine is also travel. When I’m in a place where I’m photographing next to a historical landmark, I tune everyone out around me and I’m in my happy place as well.


Arc De Triomf, Barcelona
This photo has three important happy places in one: my mat, in Barcelona at my favorite landmark in my soul city.

For more travel yoga photos check out my Instagram: @packyourmat


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3-course Lunch Meals under 13€ for the Barcelona Foodie

The past few weeks I’ve discovered two new gems and I just got back from having a three course at what I consider to be the best menu restaurant thus far in the city. I am still waiting for my next discovery and I would appreciate your help. So here are my top three places in three different neighborhoods you might easily find yourself while in Barcelona.

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Trusting the Sharp Razor and the Barber Who Held It

My head was tilted at a 45 degree angle towards the rear of the barber’s chair, while the freshly placed razor was all ready to do its deed. The Algerian man slightly brought my head closer to the headrest, feeling the tension in my body as he slid the razor in a northerly fashion from the bottom of… Continue reading Trusting the Sharp Razor and the Barber Who Held It