Meet Armen

A passionate traveler, practitioner, learner and teacher of the practice.

Armen’s intention is to guide an intelligent, well-informed, and safely sequenced, alignment based session when he enters the studio space.  With deep love and passion of  the yoga practice and philosophy, he has resonated most with Iyengar teachers or those who are inspired by the teachings of BKS Iyengar and have dared to cross some of the boundaries of the lineage. After years of practicing vinyasa, he recognized the need to deepen his knowledge of anatomy as it relates to the form of the poses.  Upon receiving his 200 hour RYT in 2015 at One Down Dog under the mentorship of Ducky Punch, he spent 30 days in Nepal at a Tibetan Buddhist monastery on a silent retreat deepening his meditation practice. Mindfulness practice is an important component he delivers in each class.  As a facilitator and educator, he has led many seminars and workshops, nationally and internationally, to various corporations, non-profits, educational institutions and yoga studios. Since 2015, he has taken part in various intensives with senior teachers. Armen co-founded a yoga and meditation initiative, Stega: A Perfect Union, which was piloted in Armenia. The project was aimed at introducing self-care, wellness and mindfulness practices to activists and social change makers.  As a previous high school philosophy and history teacher, he places great importance on the organic learning process, through play and inquiry. By scaffolding dharma and asana for students, both beginners and seasoned alike, the practice becomes dynamic and symbiotic. He completed his 300 hour studies at Wanderlust, studying numerous hours with Carrie Owerko, Tias Little, Clio Manuelian and Schuyler Grant. He attends weekly Iyengar classes with Paul Cabanis. With great gratitude to all those who came before him and all those who continue to teach him, he recognizes that he is delivering wisdom practices that is innate and ancient, and in all of us who are willing to explore it.

For inquiries:


Private and Small Group Yoga Instruction and Meditation

Yoga Travel Retreats

Mindfulness Workshops 


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