Mindfulness Session at TEDxYerevan – November 2016

Armen’s interest in practicing mindfulness  began during his 30-day silent meditation retreat in Nepal. A meditation practice helps bring awareness, encourages and develops concentration, clarity, emotional positivity, and a calm seeing of the true nature of things. Armen has worked with numerous corporations, non-profit agencies and educational institutions including, but not limited to CNN, United Nations in Armenia, Peace Corps and TBS/TNT Entertainment. His personal belief, inspired by the teachings of Buddhist philosophy, is that all beings deserve lasting happiness and peace. By working directly with individuals within an organization, he hopes to introduce various mindfulness practices, which will in turn bring about a higher level of contentment and satisfaction, which will in turn translate to better productivity and company climate.

Guiding a session at Impact Hub

Mindfulness Workshops 

A culture of workplace mindfulness not only improves focus, but the ability to manage stress and how employees work together.  A number of different mindfulness training options and packages are available, all designed to improve focus, productivity, engagement, innovation and wellness within the workplace.

Option 1: Developing a Mindful Workplace Environment (60 minutes)

Option 2: Meditation and Breathwork Practices (60 minutes)

Option 3: How to Cope with Company Culture Shifts (90 minutes)

Interactive Sessions individually catered to business needs


Included in all of the presentations participants will learn:

  • Introduction to Meditation and Breathwork Practices
  • Skills for developing more focused attention and enhanced productivity
  • Mindful techniques to develop greater emotional and physical resilience
  • Awareness techniques to recognize unhelpful individual patterns, which increase  stress and decrease productivity.


To learn more about the benefits of mindfulness practices, here are some great sources to consider:

Harvard Research on Mindfulness

Mindfulness in the Workplace 

TedX Video on Mindfulness


For inquiries, please direct your questions to packyourmat@gmail.com