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New Year. Same Badass You.

ody policing and shaming has NO space in my classes nor at the places I choose to work. As someone who has worked for many years on making sure I get to a place of physical, emotional and mental well-being, triggers of fat shaming especially do not serve me. To be able to accept the beauty that is me and the “enoughness” that is me requires that I stay grounded around people and  communities who do the same. In a city that generally does otherwise, find a space that values you as you. So friends, as you step into your new year routine, remember that you are beautiful the way you are. You are enough the way you are. You are welcome to my classes the way you are. May this year be one of authenticity, joy and grounding for us all.

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Eating Clean: Greek Inspired Quinoa Salad

When my friend told me she has a mean quinoa recipe with feta and olives, I knew we had to get together and have some fun. Since we couldn’t just eat a salad on it’s own, we went ahead and made some fish too.  But, I’ll hold that recipe for next week. You can see… Continue reading Eating Clean: Greek Inspired Quinoa Salad

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Where to find the best croissant in Barcelona? 

As I impatiently type this with my sticky fingers as the flavors linger on my tastebuds, I’m certain I’ve found the best croissant in the city of Barcelona. Having lived here for six years I have tried mediocre croissants and wasted precious calories on them. Today, as I tried this place for the second time,… Continue reading Where to find the best croissant in Barcelona? 

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5 Truths Behind Those Yoga Photos on Instagram

Many won’t believe this, but I absolutely despised being in front of a camera as an adolescent and well into my mid 20s. These years were filled with the struggles of being overweight. It started off as being chubby and cute, but I ended my first semester at university with a max weight of 240 pounds.