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5 Yoga Influencers Using Their Platform Intentionally and Politically

Discernment is perception in the absence of judgment with a view to obtaining spiritual direction and understanding. It is the ability to choose from right or wrong, and to judge between truth or error. Of course, here too, we bring in our tainted perceptions and perspectives, but the act of looking at all options and making decisions, with awareness and acute decision making, is already a step above judgement

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The Year of the Cock: A Satirical Piece on Love, Mercury Retrograde, the Wolf Moon and an Armenian coffee cup reading

If you couldn’t blame the mercury retrograde, maybe you can blame the full moon.

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10 Days of Coconut Oil Pulling: Fad or Not?

My mornings, for the past 10 days have begun with a half a teaspoon of delicious cold pressed virgin coconut oil, which I purchased on my trip to Thailand. I know a lot of people who have tried oil pulling and are disgusted of putting about 20g of fat into their mouth and whooshing it around… Continue reading 10 Days of Coconut Oil Pulling: Fad or Not?

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No Talking, Phones or Sex for 30 Days: My Experience At A Nepalese Monastery

Many of you have been asking me about my experience at the monastery, but I was totally keeping it internal for a while. offered to share my story on their platform, so I have been working on putting a fraction of the experience on paper. Check out the full story and let’s start a little Q&A.… Continue reading No Talking, Phones or Sex for 30 Days: My Experience At A Nepalese Monastery

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How To Practice Self-Love Without Being Selfish?

This weekend is a time for most singles around the world, including myself, to question the following: Why don’t I have a valentine? Having been single for almost three consecutive years now, after a 7 year relationship, 5 spent married, the reality shift and adjustment to “single ready to mingle” life was difficult. Throughout the past few years… Continue reading How To Practice Self-Love Without Being Selfish?

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LYFT Confessions: The Guy from Juvie, Mexican Grandma and The Girl Who Needed Her Insulin 

Now, did a small part of me stereotype and judge that one from a lower socioeconomic strata will not be tipping me. Yes, of course! Am I proud of that? Not so much. At the end of our ride she pulled out a $5 as would my own grandmother and told me to make sure I buy myself a nice cup of coffee.

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5 Quick Tips On Cultivating Optimism Through Quietly Sitting for 5 Minutes 

In response to the Daily Post Photo Challenge titles Optimistic, I have chosen to display the practice of meditation and how it helps cultivate an optimistic state of mind. Optimism can be easily lost with all the hustle and bustle of our lives. Especially those of us who live in big cities and have to deal with… Continue reading 5 Quick Tips On Cultivating Optimism Through Quietly Sitting for 5 Minutes