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Why Talking About Our Depression in Hindsight is Easier

However, this past week, I came to the realization that I have stopped writing. I realized that negative thoughts have been coming up more during last 3 months, as doubt and uncertainty plague my mind. Important life decisions, choices, rejections and LIFE have numbed me from functioning at my best.

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Stop the “faggots” in Armenia

Anyone — including homosexuals — can participate in belittling, shaming, and attempting to exert control over another via language or otherwise. I observed a lot of this in the community, especially among those men who stand guarded behind the cover of virtual anonymity and suffer from various levels of discomfort about their own homosexuality.

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3 Ways Yoga and Breathing Exercises May Reduce the Harsh Effects of Living in a Smoke Infested City

I have been in Yerevan for about six weeks now and it is a really smoke infested city. One of the biggest challenges has been dealing with smoky indoor restaurants and clothes which smell disgusting on the daily. I am not a smoker, but have grown up in a smoking household. In an attempt to… Continue reading 3 Ways Yoga and Breathing Exercises May Reduce the Harsh Effects of Living in a Smoke Infested City

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Being Gay & Armenian: Shame to Pride

As a gay man, I am proud. The shame that I carried for many years for being an Armenian gay man has diminished during the past decade as I decided to fully embrace this label and my culturally unaccepted identity. Even years later, during times of great pride,  there have been moments where I have caught myself regressing. Then, I quickly… Continue reading Being Gay & Armenian: Shame to Pride

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Bro, Just Chill: 3 Quick Reasons Why To Slow Down Your Yoga Practice

My earliest memory of yoga was my inability to lay still in corpse pose. I would find myself peeking with one eye open and hoping the class would just end already. I had gotten my workout and I didn’t understand why we needed to “relax”. But, I kept going back. Throughout the last decade, my yoga practice has shifted and evolved. Savasana and meditation are now my favorite.