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5 Yoga Influencers Using Their Platform Intentionally and Politically

Discernment is perception in the absence of judgment with a view to obtaining spiritual direction and understanding. It is the ability to choose from right or wrong, and to judge between truth or error. Of course, here too, we bring in our tainted perceptions and perspectives, but the act of looking at all options and making decisions, with awareness and acute decision making, is already a step above judgement

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The Year of the Cock: A Satirical Piece on Love, Mercury Retrograde, the Wolf Moon and an Armenian coffee cup reading

If you couldn’t blame the mercury retrograde, maybe you can blame the full moon.

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3 Ways Yoga and Breathing Exercises May Reduce the Harsh Effects of Living in a Smoke Infested City

I have been in Yerevan for about six weeks now and it is a really smoke infested city. One of the biggest challenges has been dealing with smoky indoor restaurants and clothes which smell disgusting on the daily. I am not a smoker, but have grown up in a smoking household. In an attempt to… Continue reading 3 Ways Yoga and Breathing Exercises May Reduce the Harsh Effects of Living in a Smoke Infested City

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Stega and Peace Corps Armenia: First of its kind Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Armenia

The transaction of knowledge is never a one way exchange. Our intention was to connect and bring self-care practices to those who do so much, but at the end of the day, we learned a lot from one another. An eye-opening and honest weekend of testimonials revealed a lot about Armenian society that we have also been observing.

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Nepal on my Mind: Monks, Sadhus and Astrologers

In my morning class, something urged me to express an experience I had during my time in Nepal. The memory of this experience from last November, as I thought was fading, today came back to me strong. It  has also made me go back into my phone and take a look at some of the… Continue reading Nepal on my Mind: Monks, Sadhus and Astrologers