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How To Get To My Top 5 Photogenic Landmarks?

Photo tourism is definitely not a thing of the past. If we all were to dig deep into our family photo album box, we would find our parents and grandparents starring in what look like Instagram filtered photography (what we now label vintage), in front of cool landmarks, posing. Back in the days it was as… Continue reading How To Get To My Top 5 Photogenic Landmarks?

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Shameful Thoughts: The Moral Depravity of our Society

I knew the right thing to do was to help her to my fullest capacity. As a matter of fact, she had the courage to ask me for help, a complete stranger. I dropped her off at the bus stop. She had a heavy bag, which seemed to be most of her possessions she had taken for the day. I asked her if I can carry that for her as she slowly, limped and excited my car. She turned around and told me “now don’t drive away with that!”