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FlowMosa and Mid Century: The spaces we create, the places we go

Moving back home to LA has been an adjustment on various dimensions. I was lucky to land back in LA with a cushion and support by staying at my parent’s home for a few months. Of course, this space, which I was able to call mine and should have fit right in, no longer felt… Continue reading FlowMosa and Mid Century: The spaces we create, the places we go

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Dirty Laundry and Love (in Venice)

It is quite difficult and terrifying to publicly write about my experiences that are exactly those, MY personal experiences. There is a certain level of fear when one makes their inner thoughts and experiences public. A few days ago I received feedback in reference to my Finding Comfort in Discomfort post. The fellow online commenter said, “it’s comforting knowing… Continue reading Dirty Laundry and Love (in Venice)

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Finding Freedom in Rio De Janeiro

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, I would like to dwell on the meaning of freedom and the interpretation of it that makes perfect sense to me. I have no intention of codifying what MLK meant by it or tried to achieve with the long battle that was fought in the mid century,… Continue reading Finding Freedom in Rio De Janeiro