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How To Get To My Top 5 Photogenic Landmarks?

Photo tourism is definitely not a thing of the past. If we all were to dig deep into our family photo album box, we would find our parents and grandparents starring in what look like Instagram filtered photography (what we now label vintage), in front of cool landmarks, posing. Back in the days it was as… Continue reading How To Get To My Top 5 Photogenic Landmarks?

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Layover in Dubai: Dazed and Confused 

Leaving Armenia was made easier by being greeted by my friend Armen, who has now lived in Dubai for 14 years. Having landed in more than 50 airports during my lifetime, I have to say I’ve never been greeted by a friend or person at the airport. This was already quite confusing to me as… Continue reading Layover in Dubai: Dazed and Confused