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Stop the “faggots” in Armenia

Anyone — including homosexuals — can participate in belittling, shaming, and attempting to exert control over another via language or otherwise. I observed a lot of this in the community, especially among those men who stand guarded behind the cover of virtual anonymity and suffer from various levels of discomfort about their own homosexuality.

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Stega and Peace Corps Armenia: First of its kind Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Armenia

The transaction of knowledge is never a one way exchange. Our intention was to connect and bring self-care practices to those who do so much, but at the end of the day, we learned a lot from one another. An eye-opening and honest weekend of testimonials revealed a lot about Armenian society that we have also been observing.

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Official Armenia Project Announcement (and Name Reveal)

Dear friends, We have finally announced our project, as well as, our GoFundMe campaign. ┬áThank you to everyone who has been extremely supportive thus far and all those who will back our endeavor with positive words, donations and love. FACEBOOK LIVE VIDEO For More Information about this project Subscribe to PackYourMat.Com Also: Facebook: Armen… Continue reading Official Armenia Project Announcement (and Name Reveal)