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The Mysterious Workings of Life

Life works in quite the mysterious way. Sometimes we cross paths with people that we have not seen in a decade or so and it seems like that particular connection was meant to have been severed in the first place for us to realize something: not good, nor bad (but something). That long-awaited interaction was meant to… Continue reading The Mysterious Workings of Life

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Packing Tips: How to Pack The Right Way

Let’s be real. Do you suffer from mild travel anxiety at the thought of packing? I know I do!  I have probably been on more than 150+ flights, which in comparison to most business travelers is not much, but it’s quite different when you’re traveling someplace for pleasure. Now, when you need to pack your… Continue reading Packing Tips: How to Pack The Right Way

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LYFT Confessions: The Guy from Juvie, Mexican Grandma and The Girl Who Needed Her Insulin 

Now, did a small part of me stereotype and judge that one from a lower socioeconomic strata will not be tipping me. Yes, of course! Am I proud of that? Not so much. At the end of our ride she pulled out a $5 as would my own grandmother and told me to make sure I buy myself a nice cup of coffee.

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Look Out For The Presence Of Wonder

How often do you walk without looking at what’s directly in front of you? In fact, how often do you look down?     Have you admired the trees? How their leaves fall? Fell?     What about the water that is around you with the same qualities within you?     What about the air you breathe?… Continue reading Look Out For The Presence Of Wonder