heartfelt journeys end. New ones begin. NEW WEBSITE

Dear Pack Your Mat Family,

When I began this blog in 2016 in the midst of deep longing for happiness, ease and belonging, writing became the avenue in which I processed life. Through writing and through your continuous interest in what I had to write, I was shown so much hope and love.

In that support and love, I noticed that this life, this journey, is meant to be lived fully without escape and running from what feels unpleasant. My work is not close to done, but there’s more clarity. From travel, divorce, yoga, meditation, food, coffee and then some this blog became something I would never have imagined. Thank you for being a part of that.

I remember the first time one of my articles went “viral.” The 15 minutes of internet fame and living through this need for more. This need to be seen was at the base of writing so vulnerably and expressing the true colors of who I am. For those who thought it was too much and those who thought it was perfect, thank you! To me, it was necessary to follow that path of truth.

I thank you for reading and being with me for so long. As travel is halted for many of us, I have chosen to bring my work of yoga and mindfulness to a new website where you may take classes and courses with me in the comfort of your living room.

It has been a heartfelt journey with you and I hope that you will join me at

You may find me on Instagram, as well. I will start blogging minimally on the new website, but I am still trying to see where it may go from here. I hope to see you there. Pack Your Mat will be on a slight hold and hopefully we can travel and be together, very soon.

Heartfelt journeys end.

New ones begin!

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