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Birthday and Pride Donation Class at One Down Dog for LA LGBT Center – June 9, 2018

How lucky to be alive another year. The last year has been an introspective year where I have been deciding and discerning where to prioritize my energy and love. Instead of writing publicly for my blog, I have brought on a daily individual reading and writing practice.  I have spent a lot of time learning, in self-study mode and trying to find ways to be of service. This year, I have decided to not take time off or travel on my birthday. Instead, I thought what better way than to do what I love, teach yoga, with the people that I love, in a space that I love, at One Down Dog.

There will be two donation based classes and all funds collected will be donated to the LA LGBT Center, a space that I have benefited a lot from the past few years of living in Los Angeles.  During both sessions, Butter Cake Shoppe has graciously donated rainbow sprinkled cupcakes to make sure our sweet yoga class ends with some sweet birthday and pride treats.

Thank you Butter Cake Shoppe

I couldn’t be more grateful that I get to spend my 35th this way.  If you’re unable to come to class, I have also started a Facebook fundraiser for the Gay and Lesbian Armenian Society, an organization which I value, as the organization and the founding members have paved the road for many of my community members to have the space to explore their identity.  This year I am just grateful for all that as transpired in my life and I’d love to share that with all of you. Please join me on June 9th at One Down Dog – Eagle Rock at 8:15am and in Silver Lake at 4:45pm as we celebrate more than just my day of birth.

Birthday and LA Pride Flow at One Down Dog

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