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Where To Get Your Forrest Yoga Practice in Los Angeles

“Teaching another how to awaken their inner fire and to begin to discern the voices of their conditioning versus the voice of their spirit is the basis of Forrest Yoga teaching” says Ana Forrest, creator.  This weekend, at One Down Dog, Janine Glass, one of very few registered as a Forrest Yoga Teachers, on the east side of Los Angeles, will offer a two-hour practice.

Ana Forrest

One Down Dog, has recently begun a series of monthly workshop style 2 hour classes which run at only $20. They are called “The Whole Enchilada”. In other words the whole situation; everything. Each teacher gets the opportunity to bring in the many elements of the yoga practice (pranayama, meditation, asana, sutras, a nice long savasana and more) that are challenging to do in a 60 or 75 minute flow class.


Janine gently challenges her students by abiding to the four main pillars of Forrest Yoga, which are breath, strength, integrity and spirit. Her smile and energy carries one through to any challenging and atrocious core drills with not quite flexing the toes but “flointing” them. If you haven’t practiced Forrest Yoga, core stabilization is huge. Then come the neck and shoulders. It’s truly a holistic style where one leaves class feeling open and with integrity. I can only describe my experience here, but you got to try it to believe it.


As yoga teachers, sometimes the most challenging thing is to come to the realization which style resonates most. I wanted to know why Janine chose to teach yoga, especially Forrest yoga.  Here are her answers:

Q1: Out of all the styles and teachers that are available to us in the West, what about Forrest Yoga attracted you to it?

It’s where and when my body feel the best and that’s why I chose to teach that to others. Forrest Yoga has 4 main pillars. Breath, Strength, Integrity, and Spirit. You’ll find that in every Forrest Yoga class. Everyone wants and needs more of all of those pillars! The first Forrest yoga class I walked into I’ll never forget that feeling at the end. It was that “ah-ha” moment for me and I kept coming back for more. 

Q2: What do you most enjoy about teaching (yoga)?

I really enjoy meeting and developing meaningful relationships with my students and friends. I’ve taught to bachelorette parties, bridal showers, new moms, grandmoms. The time we get to spend together is so precious and I appreciate the trust and connection so. Yoga really does heal and I get to do my part of mending the hoop of OUR people. Witnessing healing is a huge source of happiness for me and I get to do that daily! 

Q3: Let’s be real. Teaching (yoga) is a big responsibility. What are some challenges/obstacles you encounter while teaching.

It’s a ginormous responsibility that I take with the utmost respect and pride. Truth is not everyone wants to delve deep and own their own shit. Some like to beat their body up and would rather be injured than face it. Some run from it. And some are ready to face it. I feel my job is to allow my students to honor where they’re at and meet them there. I also know when to help students delve deeper, and that at times is a huge responsibility to hold that space for them to heal. The biggest challenge is that I can’t possibly touch every single body in that way. And I’m growing into that! The work I teach is deep and not everyone wants or needs that.

Her answers reveal the humility, modesty and grace that she brings to all of her classes. To find out more about her class offerings, visit her website at And, if you decide you have some free time May 20th, 2017, join me on the mat at One Down Dog for the Whole Enchilada by Janine Glass.

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