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What To Do in London

I consider myself quite fortunate as I have had the opportunity to visit London multiple times in the last 10 years, partly because I lived in Barcelona. My first visit here was with my parents in 2007, followed by numerous trips with friends from Los Angeles who often took quick trips to the city as part of their Euro circuit. I took every opportunity to come and see them.

Mind the Gap

I even brought a group of about 40 students once with my colleagues. During my last seven  or eight visits, I have had the chance to go on the typical tourist routes and then some. From high tea at the Harvey Nichols to delicious dinners, member’s only bars and clubs, museums, the castle, Big Ben, the Abbey and the London eye, I’ve done it. So, this time, on a very short trip to celebrate a friend’s birthday, I told myself to be open to whatever comes my way. No plans, no itinerary. After a delicious dinner at Novikov, I couldn’t sleep and was up around 2am on my first night here. So I thought, what better way to get some ideas by asking my friends on Facebook/ Well, I guess I am lying by saying I did not have a plan. I did want to check out some local yoga studios and get some rest (and so far, Ive done a lot of the latter). I’m also a huge fan of long breakfast sessions. So this morning, I thoroughly enjoyed my eggs Royale (Benedict with smoked salmon) and Pain Au Chocolat at Claridge’s then came right back into my comfortable bed.

Eggs Royale (Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon and truffle)
Coffee and pain au chocolate, yes please!

Trying not to have the pressure of having to see and do much, I’ve already completed my morning practice, had breakfast, jotted down a good list of places to check out and posted it just in case you’re in London and don’t know where to begin. Day 1, success, I’d say!

img_5887Here is what I posted on Facebook and some of responses from friends (both locals and non-locals):

They are in no particular order and not all responses are listed. Feel free to click the link above to see the full list:

Thanks to all my friends for their input. It’s nice to have choices when visiting a city. Sure, a good travel book never hurts, but tried and tested recommendations, personally is my preferred way to travel. That, and just stumbling upon things as I aimlessly walk.  I’m not sure if I’ll get to do all this in four days, but I’m about to get myself out of this comfortable bed and start walking.

img_5845Feel free to comment below and tell us what your local favorite spots are. Check out my Instagram story to see real time what I’m up to while in London.

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