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My First Instagram Takeover: Follow @igersarmenia for the full  journey this weekend

Hey friends,

I was asked to take over the account this weekend. I said yes!  First, because this is one of my favorite accounts to follow for travel inspiration in Armenia. Second, I realized that I haven’t been fully able to reveal some of the beautiful photos I’ve taken of the country from my recent trips.  So, why not fill up the igersarmenia feed with some of them.

As many of you know, I spent the last two months co-founding a yoga and meditation initiative, Stega: A Perfect Union, where my best friend and I introduced self-care practices to social change makers in the country. I learned and experienced quite a bit during this time and am excited to share some of those stories that came up during this time with all of you.

Follow @igersarmenia for Dec 2 – 4th takeover

What I hope to do is, through my perspective, show a country which I believe has very strong potential, through various photos and portraits of locals. In this weekend of storytelling I hope to show the hope, inspiration and potential I see in the land and those who occupy it.

Go ahead and follow them. You can find a direct link through my account at

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