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Where to find the perfect Chemex coffee in Yerevan?

A month ago I had to make decisions on what to bring to Yerevan for our 2-month long pilot project, Stega. I thought very profoundly when I was packing whether or not I wanted to risk breaking my chemex coffee maker.  I was definitely willing to risk my Bodum french press to break, so I brought that along instead. It was silly of me thinking it was a good idea to occupy space in my suitcase with a coffee making apparatus. But in hindsight it made sense. Thankfully the French Press didn’t break. But, have I used it? Yes, once!

Anna Mesropian makes a damn good pour over at The Green Bean coffee shop

The coffee scene is thriving in Yerevan and I could’ve actually bought a french press here for about $4 USD if I were to make any coffee at home. But the reality of our project is that I barely get to have my coffee at home anyway. Another fact is that most of the store coffee grinders do not grind for French Press when you buy the beans. They all seem to have a default grind for Turkish coffee (even when I ask for a French press course grind). So, I kind of gave up on that. Then, I found The Green Bean Coffee shop, where they serve a delicious Chemex pour over (brewed for 2). But a very important part of my coffee experience is the person behind the pour (well, the coffee has to be exceptional too). When asked if she could explain to us how she made this, she answered so beautifully and organically. See her answer below in the video. So, I make an effort to see her smile at least 3x a week. Here is the video highlighting the first ever coffee shop to bring Chemex to Yerevan. At The Green Bean Coffee Shop you too can have your best pour over. Oh, and as an added bonus the food is healthy and delicious, too. And the location is non-smoking. That’s definitely hard to find here in Yerevan. Say hi to Anna from me if you go to the Amiryan location.


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