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Where to Get Your (Delicious) Hipster Coffee In Yerevan till October 20th

Today I had the chance to meet the founder of Crumbs Bread Factory, Ani Harutyunyan. She arrived with her positive energy to a friendly meeting we had arranged to introduce our project, Stega. As part of our project, we are constantly looking to meet individuals who use their creativity energy to improve the state of Armenia.

What Ani provides through her establishments is delicious and unique food, which is hard to come by in Yerevan. But more importantly, an experience with impeccable service with a friendly wait staff is what distinguishes how her cafe’s are run, compared to many of the competitors.

FullSizeRender 7.jpg
Mirzoyan Menu: Food by Crumbs

Last year when I was in Armenia, I was sold on Crumbs’ double espresso with milk, but this time I was recommended by friends that we ought to visit the Mirzoyan library, especially it’s cafe, which occupies most of the upstairs terrace area. Today, I asked the kitchen staff if I can photograph them and find out what kind of coffee they were using. The answer was yes and the coffee was called bristrot.


Of course, the Mirzoyan library photography exhibit is truly worth the visit on it’s own, but quite honestly what interests me most in the morning is to get my cup of coffee in a quiet setting and start my work day in Yerevan these days. The energy of this place exuded a lot of passion and love that was put in to it.


The vintage design is every hipster’s dream come true. Design aficionado’s who are looking for something different and unique from what Yerevan offers, must absolutely come here. The only problem is the collaboration is temporarily coming to a halt, as the outdoor terrace area will cease to be operated by Crumbs due to weather.



This means you only have till October 20th to go and take in the beautiful light that shines through, enjoy the design which is a blend of Armenian traditional and Silverlake hip.  Not to say that it is almost impossible to find bagels, but lo and behold, today I had the pleasure of eating smoked trout with everything bagel. With that said, there is no reason to fret. If you can’t make it to Mirzoyan Menu, Food By Crumbs, they will still be happily serving their unique fare and fresh beverages at their two other locations in Yerevan:

37 Mesrop Mashtots Ave

6 Byron St
You can find me at Mirzoyan till the 20th and at the Crumbs locations thereafter. Join me for a cup of coffee. Say hi!


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