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3 Easy Steps To Your Meditation Practice When You Travel

Last night was the first time I meditated since I arrived to Armenia. On our flight here, I was telling my friend Hasmig that my goal is to bring my practice of meditation back up to twice a day. I tend to guide meditations best when I bring my mind to a state of rest and awareness. Naturally, weeks before launching, the amount of work that had to be done was overwhelming, which made me sacrifice my personal practice. This morning, as I woke up with the amount of things that needed to be done and I thought, I wish I had two hours to sit. But, of course, I sat down to write, which is meditative but not meditation (for me, at least).

Gandhi is known to have said:

I have so much to accomplish today that I must meditate for two hours instead of one.

From our western point of view this is counterintuitive. But, there is so much truth to the above statement. The single pointed concentration and focus one gains from a strong meditation practice helps one accomplish all that needs to get done. All those little things somehow become easier to tackle. As I woke up this morning and Facebook reminded me that Gandhi Jayanti is being celebrated in India, I realized that this IS the time to get back into my practice without any excuses.

Traveling should not be a reason to cease a meditation practice. But, let us be real. Today is my third day in and I have only meditated once. There is a certain level of freedom that comes with traveling and a whole lot shifts. One becomes completely disoriented with time and space, eating habits alter (as I bring a spoonful of Nutella towards my mouth), and one’s exercise and meditation practice might take the back seat. So here are ways to find your meditation practice, even when you are traveling.

  1. FIND SPACE – It’s easy to tell oneself that the new space you are in does not cater to your practice. Commit to a small corner of the hotel or apartment you are staying in and make that yours. Make it comfortable and make it yours.
  2. FIND TIME – Even if there is a huge time difference, try to stick to the same times you were meditating at home. But most importantly, take this as an opportunity to increase the time you sit in meditation. On vacation or business trips, one usually finds more time, so why not take advantage of that.
  3. EXPERIMENT – This might be a good time to experiment with a new app like Insight Timer, which I have been using. It’s somehow “easier” to get back into the practice with guided meditations. On the flip side, if you have never meditated silently, try this method. Somehow while traveling I become more creative and want to do new things. Why not bring some of that creativity into your practice.


Hope these help you and if you have other methods, chime in and let us know below.

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