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Why I Choose Happiness.

It is extremely easy to lose perspective of the deep gratitude towards all the people who do so much, especially during a moment where constant rejections, empty promises and the word NO is all too familiar.  But every morning, I wake up and think about all the things and beings that I am grateful for. Once I place the spotlight on all things positive, the negative truly fades. It is during the moments when I forget to express gratitude, that unhappiness ensues.  I choose happiness. So I practice gratitude. Easy? No, not so much.  It is constant work to work towards happiness.

As my project partner and I are in the last stages of launching our project Stega: A Perfect Union, we do NOT lose perspective of all the people who are pushing us forward and keeping us centered. We welcome the barriers, hurdles and challenges that this project is bringing, but realizing that it is progressing the way it should. It is through these lessons that we come to realize on how to improve and do better.


Two nights ago after working from about 6am – 1am, my best friend and project partner reminded me of all this with the following:

Every success and failure, every person who lends a hand and everyone who chooses not to, and most importantly, how we react to each instance is all part of the story. 



This realization of gratitude came after a late night meeting, which ended 3 hours after my normal bed time. I was cranky, sleepy and just done with that day. But, all of a sudden an individual who we didn’t know and were meeting for the first time over Skype gave us so much reason to remember how fortunate we are. Most of the meetings we have been having are proving to be fruitful and revitalizing our energy. However, of course there are the meetings that make us question why we are giving so much to something that isn’t even fully there. Giving up is the easier option. Then we remember, we are the creators of something that is nascent. Like parents, we are the one’s who need to nurture, water, give light and make this idea flourish into Stega. We need to maintain Stega mind. So we do. Day by day we put in what we can.



Blinking open my eyes a few hours ago, my gratefulness practice was a little more deeper this morning. I truly took some time to go through all who helped. In fact, I took time to think about all the people who have been in my life and made a tremendous impact. The morning after a night of fundraising at a Revolver Video Bar in WeHo, I felt nothing but gratitude to the community of supporters.


Therefore, I choose to concentrate on the fact that I have a mother and father, cousins and friends who were there with us at a gay bar, talking to people and meeting new ones. They were there rooting for us, wishing for our success. I choose to think about the strangers who gave us one minute of their time to listen. Also, I think about those who are putting us in touch with strangers who choose to join our journey.

At the same time, I am also truly understanding those who choose the opposite. Throughout all this, both Hasmig and I understand that the inactions are not personal. We are all on this together somehow. Today, I choose to focus my attention on how grateful I am for it all, the good and the bad. Right this moment, I choose happiness.

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