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Fundamentals of Acro Yoga: Breath, Trust and Letting Go

The first time I practiced Acro yoga was last year this time with Claudine and Honza Lafond of Yoga Beyond during the Inspirational Getaway hosted in Santa Monica, CA. Since then I  wanted to get back and practice with someone I trusted. As I was the base for my friend Ellina I was in control of  the person flying. I didn’t get a chance to surrender and fully trust.   I really wanted to fly and I thought I needed someone stronger than me. I was wrong. 

Audrey, who is a colleague at One Down Dog and also a teacher at Yoga Works had a workshop coming up, which I couldn’t miss. Thankfully, the yoga class I was teaching  was canceled this afternoon, which gave me the opportunity to attend. In fact, just a few weeks ago she proved me wrong during a company photo shoot when she basically based me as I was going into inversions and flying and soaring above her. I didn’t think I could let go that easily. I also didn’t think she could support my weight. Oh, she did. X

Today was my chance to let go and I took that chance. 

AcroYoga is a partner practice that blends the wisdom of yoga, the dynamic power of acrobatics and the loving kindness of healing arts. 

Audrey’s and Allen’s workshop at Yoga Works Hollywood focused on the fundamentals of Acro yoga as they introduced all elements of this type of practice.  We learned the foundational poses while working in groups of three and learning to play all three roles of base, flyer and spotter.

The two made sure that we cultivated:

  •  trust, empowerment and joy.
  •  listening, loving and letting go.
  • breath awareness, life balance and connection

All in all, it was a great way to put total trust in strangers, laugh, breathe and most importantly learn new things. Audrey and Allen made this experience a fantastic one and I couldn’t recommend them more. Their cousinly humor made the 3 hours pass by quickly. Their technicality and specific cueing, was spot on. Moreover, they were supportive and made sure everyone got to fly, base and spot. 

For more info, add Audrey on Instagram or her Facebook page.

Plus you can find some behind the scene snaps from today on my Snapchat: @packyourmat and a pic on my Insta (same handle). 

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