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Nepal on my Mind: Monks, Sadhus and Astrologers

In my morning class, something urged me to express an experience I had during my time in Nepal. The memory of this experience from last November, as I thought was fading, today came back to me strong. It  has also made me go back into my phone and take a look at some of the photos, which made me realize that I didn’t really keep my promise of revealing some more photos after I wrote some articles from the experience a while back 

While we were in savasana today, the idea of human dissatisfaction came to my mind. In fact, I remembered a time that one of the monks or perhaps our teacher mentioned how if one is sitting for long enough, they crave to stand up. But, if one is standing up for too long, craves to sit. Even if savasana seems to be the pose we want to get into during our seated or standing poses, even savasana can become intolerable. This is  a true reflection of our mind. Our mind is unable to deal with stillness.  During said yoga practice, I took my students through some uncomfortable poses. They were not necessarily challenging, but just hitting weak and unworked muscle groups. Nobody really desired to stay in these for too long. In short, morning savasana made me think of Nepal.  In any case, this experience today made me want to dig up some photos and share them.

#TBT to Nepal


Young monks on mobile phone



Tea time mid lesson (this was like a 5 hour session we were meant to be seated)

Special celebration




Sadhu at Pashupatinath Temple

Mandala with Flowers

The Nepalese astrologer

2 thoughts on “Nepal on my Mind: Monks, Sadhus and Astrologers

  1. This is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing the photos and your reflections. And your story about wanting to sit/wanting to stand is such a poignant illustration of how the mind works. Thank you for the beautiful images!

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