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This Is NOT Your Daddy’s Buick

I don’t have many memories from my early childhood, but the singing and dancing as my mom would drive me to the mall or our family trips to Palm Springs are deeply engrained in my memory. I remember my family’s brown Buick in the mid 80s. It was a simple car but what went on inside was not. A family car isn’t just for taking you from point A to B. It also serves as a space where character is shaped, experiences are forever committed to memory, and conversations and ideas are born.

80s Buick

A few weeks ago I was invited by Buick USA to join them for a wellness getaway in Napa Valley. Surprisingly, just that week I was telling my friends how I needed to take a few days to myself to relax. Somehow, that week the universe conspired and I got an invitation to attend what would be a beautiful, unexpected trip.

United We (Hand)Stand

Upon arrival, we were given a new convertible Buick Cascada at the San Francisco International Airport to drive to Napa Valley. A 2 night stay at the Auberge Du Soleil would be filled with food, wine, yoga and laughter.

Yoga with a View at Auberge Du Soleil

What began as an influencer trip really ended with about 18 of us being inspired by one another, sharing stories, breaking bread and tasting some delicious California wine. More importantly, we were given the time to reconnect with our own mind and body, ready to return to our realities, which could sometimes be overwhelming with the demands of a social media presence.

Peju Winery

As we drove in from SFO to the resort in our convertibles, we all shared a similar sentiment:

Seriously, was that a Buick?

It sure was and a comfortable ride at that. And, it was not your daddy’s Buick. My best friend and I had a blast, singing and dancing, as we put the top down, albeit not looking as fabulous as one does in movies with our hair flying in the wind.


Being in a Buick again brought back memories from the past. I also realized the level of excitement my dad likely felt when he first purchased his car as a newly arrived immigrant to the U.S. I remember him loving his car. To him, that was the beginning of his American dream. To me, driving and being in Napa was a manifestation of a wish to getaway. Most importantly, it was a good time for Hasmig and me to finalize the name of the project we are working on together. We took the three days to not only think together, but to share our idea with inspirational folks who affirmed the work we’re doing with so much positive energy. Here are some photos from the getaway below. Thank You Buick for giving us this opportunity.

This influential group brought to you by @BuickUSA
Auberge Du Soleil Rooms
Outdoor Tub was not too shabby
Bestie and I @hasmosis


Take Time
Dinner at Peju Winery with Wine Pairings

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