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How To Stay Sober on 4th Of July? Trick Question!

To answer that question in short


I will be the first one to admit that a nice, cold beer, a glass of rose, or a watermelon margarita would be the most joyous thing poolside right about now. In fact, I almost went for a drink a few times and I stopped myself by pouring myself large amounts of coconut water.

are we snapchat friends? SC: PackYourMat

Since I started the online meditation program 16 days ago, I have not had a drop of alcohol.  I’ve never really been a nightly drinker, but I definitely enjoy the social aspect of drinking. So, this weekend has been difficult on that front. In fact, the past two weeks, I felt that I had more bar events to attend than any other time. The universe is testing me, but 16 days in and still doing ok.

This weekend was pure bliss hanging out with my friend Diana Madison and her fam bam. She is such a hard worker  and an inspirational friend. It was not difficult to just enjoy the little things in life, which in fact are the grandest of things for me these days. Being poolside, in the desert heat, with friends and delicious food. What else can I really ask for?

Diana, Anooshka (co-creator of the Lov Project) and I took one afternoon to scout a few pretty locations in Palm Springs. I always like to keep my eye out for pretty locations for future retreats. Our favorite spot was the Korakia Pensione. After getting the grand tour of this property, we took a few shots (not vodka). It was fun just hanging out and bouncing ideas off of each other.

Korakia handstand

It was also fun creating a video with her for her motivational Monday series where we talk about how to get over that hangover on a Monday, especially this July 4th. Check it out below. I think these three things can apply for your non hungover days as well. But, you be the judge. I offer some steps I use to get over hangovers, but I also use the breath work to calm stress and anxiety.

Another special part of the weekend was spending time with her beautiful girl, Collette. If you want to stay sober and be the designated driver/care taker for the weekend, lay off the booze. Babies are great motivation for this. We spent hours together and honestly the moments of joy that Collette provided me was well worth my time away from the empty calories of booze.

I have to say,  I give so much props to those who have made the active choice to lead a sober life. Sometimes I do think about the focus one gains when hangovers are not in the picture. But, I am still not there. I do enjoy my wine and occasional cocktail on special occasions. This yogi has just temporarily paused drinking, but who knows?

2 thoughts on “How To Stay Sober on 4th Of July? Trick Question!

  1. I decided to try not drinking almost three years ago. I liked the clarity so much that I never went back to drinking. Before my experiment with not drinking, I was enjoying my wine and beer and cocktails, but for me the payoff of feeling clear headed has been well worth the sacrifice of giving those up. And it hasn’t been that hard. I haven’t really craved it…so in the end it hasn’t really been a sacrifice. In fact, the choice that I wasn’t going to drink anymore has made it easy to not drink. It may sound simplistic, but I left no gray areas. It was a very clear contract with myself to be as awake as possible for myself, the people in my life, for my yoga practice and my yoga students…and it has been an amazingly important part of my path. I don’t judge anyone for wanting to drink–to each his (or her) own–but I made this personal choice and I have not regretted it in the least.

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