gay · Gun Violence · human condition · Los Angeles

Pray for Orlando. Pray for All Suffering. 

Your lack of self-love, compassion and kindness truly reflect today the hate you were capable of bringing into this world. Your suffering, deeply rooted within the same heart we all possess, “dear” shooter, is leaving huge repercussions to a nation who is already so confused about their state of being. Our notion of violence, to self and to others, has yet again been escalated to another level of absurdity. 
As we celebrate #LAPride today, we truly realize that we have not to be proud of the deep seated hate that we’ve cultivated. Instead of uniting against said hate crime, I am sure our response to this will yet again be to propagate more hate towards the ruthless, yet suffering perpetrator. 

For once, can we understand how much this perpetrator was suffering to cause such heinous crime? Are we willing to forgive him? Are we able to offer him love? How do we heal all those who are suffering to such levels? How do we end such heinous crime?

#prayfororlando . . . But truly pray for all those who are suffering beyond words and feelings. 

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