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The Mysterious Workings of Life

Life works in quite the mysterious way. Sometimes we cross paths with people that we have not seen in a decade or so and it seems like that particular connection was meant to have been severed in the first place for us to realize something: not good, nor bad (but something). That long-awaited interaction was meant to teach us one important lesson that would not have been learnt if that connection did not reoccur, somehow. “Relationships change, people change”, said a friend to me once. Yesterday this all made sense to me.

When that above statement was made I was adamant to hold on to the idea that if one tries hard enough a relationship would not change. My only misunderstanding was that change connoted something bad. To me, change meant a downgrade or moving away from a certain state of love. However, this only proved my own perception on the idea of change. Our mind easily labels and places meaning to the things happening around us. Our mind (normally) being polluted by toxicity and negativity, tends to see the unfortunate side of things. The blessings and opportunities from situations are harder to concentrate on, because those normally take some time to flourish and come to full fruition.

It is so difficult during any episode of loss to ever see how that loss will ever serve us. How can one view loss as substantial and positive? But yesterday, being invited by my friend’s company Sartonk, who were official sponsors of the Sugar Ray Leonard Foundation gala to raise money for pediatric diabetic research, for some odd reason made me think of all this.

First and foremost, my best friend Hasmig who I’ve known since we were six invited me to attend this gala. Hasmig and I grew up together and eventually moved and lived together in New York. Eventually,  we both carried on our separate lives as she got married  and stayed on the east coast. I finished grad school and left for Spain. Years later, both of us going through our own separations were reunited again in Los Angeles. 

We moved back “home”. Yoga and meditation came into our lives ardently after our divorces. This practice not only empowered us, but opened up space for creativity. Not having lost that zeal to work together and work on good things together, we are teaming up to work on a project in our motherland of Armenia that we will be releasing officially soon. For about eight years Hasmig and I saw each other perhaps once a year, if that. However, even with that shift in our relationship, we have grown into mature adults and this was the time for us to be reunited. That relationship changed and with all that loss, now is the time we see the reasons why all those life changes occurred and I could not have been happier.

Usher, Magic Johnson, and Sugar Ray

Moreover, I came across the woman who I replaced at my old job yesterday. She was the executive director of this beautiful event last night. We both gave each other a hug and said “what a small world?” Both of us not being at that organization anymore, it was so great to have that connection in common and to see that even though we branched off, we are both working towards our passion.

The icing on the cake was meeting Magic Johnson though. I have never been into sports, but Magic Johnson is such an inspiration with his ability to be so open and use his fame to spread awareness of an epidemic that was once so taboo. Being an important figure in reducing HIV-phobia and inspiring medical research in the field, I was so honored that life, for a particular second brought me to shake hands and smile with this legend.

That said, embrace all the misfortune, or what appears to be as such that comes your way, because at one point you’ll look back and realize that there was always a purpose for all that, even if it doesn’t make sense now.

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