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Five Things To See In Iceland (Blue Lagoon NOT On This List)

Sarah Gerrity is the art director behind Cava Grill, a Mediterranean healthy fast-casual concept based out of Washington, DC. When she’s not photographing food for work, you can find her in a spin or yoga class, scoping out flight deals, or floating in a clear body of water somewhere across the world. 


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PackYourMat is obsessed with her beautiful photography. We are excited and honored to have her contributing.

While the Blue Lagoon is incredible – fun, relaxing, and a great place to make some new travel friends while day drinking – it’s one of Iceland’s biggest tourist attractions, which easily translates to a crowded and expensive experience. When I think about the places in Iceland I’d visit over and over again (and have), these left me breathless.

It’s not every day that you find yourself unconsciously soaking up every detail of every moment – the colors, the sensation of an icy breeze, the sound of waves crashing in the distance or a hot spring trickling into a pool. But each of these locations holds a special place in my heart!

Secret Lagoon at Fludir

The Secret Lagoon at Fludir was by far the highlight of the Golden Circle – it’s slightly out of the way, but it really is the perfect way to end a day of driving to and from all of the attractions along the Golden Circle road (and probably dodging a few tourist buses). For about $28 USD, you get access to a quiet, steamy hot spring, and use of noodles for floating. Soak up every moment you spend here.


Waterfalls of the Southern Coast

Gjulfrafoss and Seljalandsfoss were our first stops on the road to Vik – and the waterfalls are just as incredible in person as they are in everyone’s Instagram photos. Take a few minutes to walk behind the falls at Seljalandsfoss, and then walk inland a bit to find Gjulfrafoss – a waterfall hidden in a cliff. You’ll need to tiptoe through a stream in a narrow opening in the cliff, but the destination is mesmerizing. Bring a rain jacket, because there’s no escaping the spray from the waterfall.

Icelandic Waterfalls



It’s a mouthful, and the instructions on how to get there seem a little vague (drive to the end of the road and walk towards the valley for 10 minutes) – but there’s really no other way to describe it. Seljavallalaug is a man-made swimming pool built into the side of a cliff, and free – unlike the 50 Euro entrance fee for the Blue Lagoon! If you’re lucky, you’ll have a moment alone in this pool to soak up every detail of the surrounding mountains, stream and sky. Read more about Seljavallalaug here.



Reykjadalur Hot River

Near a little geothermal town called Hveragerdi, there’s a trailhead – if you’re down for an adventure (and if you’ve made it to Iceland, you probably are), you can hike up a strenuous 3 km to a rewarding dip in an incredible hot river. Bring water, sandwiches, and a camera – because these are some sights to see! Read more about Reykjadalur here.



Jokulsarlon, the Glacier Lagoon

About a three hours’ drive past Vik, you’ll cross a bridge and see a glacier that comes right up to the edge of a lagoon. Icebergs float across the lagoon, and get pulled into the ocean by the tides and the calm waves – truly one of the most surreal places you will ever visit. If you have the time, rent a kayak and paddle between the icebergs, and hopefully, you’ll come across a seal or two!




More of Sarah’s work can be found on www.gurrity.com

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