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How To Safely Do A Tripod Headstand?


I am lucky to have been guided by outstanding teachers during my yoga practice. I learned my first headstand during the first year, about thirteen years ago. Now that I am practicing¬†Iyengar yoga, the practice of Sirsasana in its various forms, has made me realize how I might have been doing it all wrong. But, that’s not the perspective I choose to view it with. My shoulder blades, arms and overall strength was just not there. Now that it is, I realize that the work that is required by my¬†shoulders is so essential. I am lucky to be guided here by Molly O’Neill in this inversion that helps with the following:

Some Physical Benefits

Relaxes and energizes your mind

Strengthens your core, back, neck, shoulders and arms

Lengthens your spine

Eases pressure on your lower back.


Sirsasana also improves mental concentration and focus. Now, you have to be super careful, because injury is also common here if not guided by an experienced teacher.


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