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His Kindness Was Music To My Ears

Street artists, well artists in general who have a passion for their craft, and will do all it takes to share their art, have a special place in my heart.

I went to The Americana on Brand, after a morning of meetings and somewhat losing faith in the kindness and compassion of humanity upon hearing the news of the terrorist attacks in Brussel, once again. We passed by this guy, just another street performer. 


Thinking about donating, but deciding to save the $5 cash in my wallet, we passed him as we crossed to get to the Glendale Galleria. He was noticed you may say, but unrecognized, at least for that moment.

On our way back to the outdoor shopping area of the Americana, the winds were getting stronger and all of a sudden I saw him running. He had managed to shut his violin case, to prevent the cash he had collected that morning from becoming victim to the fierce winds. I thought to just stand near it until he returned. Simultaneously, I saw a straw hat flying towards the street. As I stood there, waiting to see what’s unfolding, I realized that he left his guitar and cash, really his livelihood behind to provide a moment of joy for the lady who might’ve possibly lost her hat.

Of course, he wasn’t risking much, one might say. Just his violin and some cash. But he was risking quite much. But all said, that momentary reaction he had, compared to the numerous other people standing around, was honorable and humane. How come he chose to stop what he was doing and make that woman’s day? Are some people just more generous, kind and loving than others? Do we all possess that much compassion but don’t know how to manifest it? These questions came up to me as I decided to meditatively listen to his music and start writing.

This random acts of kindness, today more than ever, as hate and violence permeates our media, brought my heart joy. Not only did he play beautiful music for people to enjoy, he greeted every person who made a donation to his art, with love and loving words. 

Thank you kind man. Keep on gifting us the genuine music that stems from your heart. Your kindness was truly music to my ears.

I wish I had more than just that $5 in my wallet to donate to you today.

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