2016 ‘Yoga in America’ study

So excited about the high interest in yoga. Even though many get into yoga for its fitness perks, it truly is a gateway to more. The unparalleled mental and health benefits will only lead to a happier generation.

Yoga & Joyful Living

I’ve just come across this infographic put together by Yoga Alliance (apparently we’re all visual people nowadays, so this is just what we want) and it contains a few stunning facts:

  • Drastic changes over the past few years
  • There are 36.7 million U.S. yoga practitioners, up from 20.4 million in 2012 (almost double compared to just four years ago!)
  • Almost 3/4 of American practitioners have been doing yoga for five (or fewer) years – what an amazing growth!
  • 80 million more Americans will likely try yoga for the first time in 2016
  • Students spent a whopping $16.8 billion per year on classes, gear and equipment (up from “just” $10 billion in 2012)
  • And maybe the most intriguing fact: There are two people interested in becoming a yoga teacher for every one current teacher…

Handy: You can also download one-page highlights depending on your interest / who you are (student, teacher, general public, business, vendors, yoga schools…).

Here’s the infographic…

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