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It Is The Little Things . . .

It really is the little things . . .

Waking up another Sunday morning, earlier than most people I know, tapping through exciting Snapchat stories, I caught myself with little bit of envy.  An envy that was unfounded and illogical as I had a beautiful evening with friends, which was preceded by a wholesome afternoon filled with laughter and good conversation. What else do we need anyway?

Why then is that never enough? Why does our satisfaction with things subside so quickly?

With all things being impermanent, our mind is required to work hard to be able to cope with the dire reality of the constant flux of things

Last night, at Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle’s talk on reaching higher consciousness, Deepak said something along the lines of 

       death and impermanence is something we do not cope well with

Loss, in general, is what shifts our identity. What made us, us, no longer is the same. The person we knew so well is a changed person at a very micro level, but this difference is felt at quite a macro level. 

Since things around us are constantly shifting, if we do not have a deep realization of said change, we are constantly disappointed. Tolle, on the other hand, was making his point about “being aware” and the power of now. If we’re in a state of anxiety of the future and disappointment and regret of past actions, then of course, it becomes difficult to enjoy the present. Something so cliche every yoga instructor, meditation coach, eastern spiritual guide is trying to drill in our heads, but our complex mind, is not easily able to put this into practice. Why is that?

This morning, instead of dealing with the pollution that is my dissatisfied mind by engaging in various busy activities that would distract me, a strategy we all know how to employ effectively, I did the following:

1. I kept my routine of oil pooling for 20 minutes (more on this later) and the morning drill (face, teeth, bed,etc…) 

2. I took a few minutes to breath and calm my mind. I have been meditating less, which causes me to be easily unsatisfied with things. 

3. I went for a walk and decided to be aware of the little things. 


4. I ordered a small coffee, instead of the medium 3-shot. Of course I wanted to indulge, but holding back and a mindful restriction is a practice I’m enjoying with lots of things in my life. I took mindful sips to enjoy the aroma, but knowing that this joy, too, will cease to exist in just a few minutes. There is such a thing as mindful drinking and eating. See Thich Nhat Hanh. 


5. I followed the inspiration to write rather than just scroll my social media and enjoy the cup of coffee mindlessly. 

This morning, I immediately made the choice to slow down, breathe, be mindful and enjoy the little things that give the biggest joy. I took a moment to remind myself of those who surround me and bring awareness to how objects serve me (or not). I chose to live at least for now, in the moment. Will that change? Of course! When? The moment I shut my mind and stop being aware. 

Mindfulness and awareness, like all things, are also impermanent and transient. It is up to us to choose light or darkness, joy or sorrow, love or hate. 

What will YOU choose? 

I choose to get back to my book. Happy Sunday. 

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