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#MadeForYoga: What is your story?

Manduka is collecting and sharing transformational yoga stories.
How did you come to yoga? And what transformed in your life when you found your practice?

Every person’s story is unique and here I share mine:

Everyone is made for yoga, including YOU. As part of the @MandukaYoga social media campaign, I’d like to share my introduction to asana, which includes my mother’s as well. The practice came into my life through a series of unfortunate events happening during my early teens. My mother who battled and survived breast cancer, going through the negative side effects of surgeries and chemotherapy, was told by doctors to introduce a practice of yoga for lymphatic relief, as well as, a treatment for depression. The strong, wise warrior that she is, she recognized that a yoga practice would suit me too. She had the mother’s feeling I assume. 


With her being my inspiration, I began my practice at the age of 19, about thirteen years ago and realized that I was slowly being directed to my true essence and identity, combining movement, breath and mind. Within a few short years of beginning yoga, I proudly came out as a gay man and started living a healthier lifestyle. Throughout the past decade, my practice was not steady. It wasn’t until my personal dealings with post-divorce depression and intense reverse culture shock after living years abroad, and coming to terms with my 30s, that a daily practice, as well as a 200 hour training and 30 day silent meditation, I chose to serve others on this path to reach their true self by teaching. If I am #madeforyoga, then everyone else is equally too.  What will be your story?

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