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Look Out For The Presence Of Wonder

How often do you walk without looking at what’s directly in front of you? In fact, how often do you look down? 

Looking down in Nepal • Offerings

Have you admired the trees? How their leaves fall? Fell? 

Winter tree in Vanadzor

What about the water that is around you with the same qualities within you? 


What about the air you breathe? The inhalation and exhalation you make  unconsciously? How much attention do you bring to it? How much should you? 

Breathe • Barcelona • Bunker

…And the light. The light! Do you practice gratitude for the light that shines? The light external and internal.

Manduka and Me • And Light

Look out for the presence of wonder. It’s everywhere, but mostly within you.  
When you find that wonder, don’t forget to dream. Because there is nothing wrong with being a dreamer. 

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