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3 Fun Facts About the Armenian Alphabet

In response to the Daily Post Photo Challenge Alphabet, I chose to display this narcissistic attempt of capturing my name by chopping off the -IA of the sign, while I was traveling my parents’ hometown of Yerevan, Armenia.

Armen, is a typical Armenian name.

Armen may refer to the Armani, a tribe of the Armenian Highlands sometimes associated with the Name of Armenia

As a child I’ve learned the intricacies of this complicated language and alphabet. I am able to pronounce almost all of the sounds that exist, perfectly, which helped me later learn Spanish quite easily. This alphabet system goes as far as to give a letter for a complicated sounds such as:

“gh”, “rr”, “ts”, “sh”, etc..

So in response to this theme, I decided to include 3 facts about the alphabet.

1. There are 36 letters in the original Armenian Alphabet. 3 more have been added.

my favorite bookmark

2. The Ethiopian Alphabet (Geez) and the Armenian Alphabet are very similar in style. The Armenian alphabet is said to have been originated due to Geez.  According to Roman historian Dio Cassius, in 66 A.D. Roman Emperor Nero had “Ethiopian women, men, and children fight” at a munus to impress King Tiridates I of Armenia. Albanian and Georgian alphabets are also quite similar in appearance.


3. It was developed around 405 CE by Mesrop Mashtots, an Armenian linguist and ecclesiastical leader.


For more blog posts about my trip to Armenia, check out this link.



8 thoughts on “3 Fun Facts About the Armenian Alphabet

    1. I travel a lot and I normally don’t buy souvenirs, except for one bookmark from the country or city I go to. It’s special, because it was from a very spiritual trip to my motherland. Language is such an important part of one’s identity and this particular bookmark carries the whole alphabet, the foundation of my mother tongue. I’m sure I have better looking bookmarks out there.

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      1. Very cool facts. And the book mark is pretty awesome. Never thought to put the alphabet on a bookmark. I’d like to find one in Serbian Cyrillic.

        Liked by 1 person

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