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5 Ways to Enjoy the Beach During The Winter Months

“Let’s go to the beach on January 9th”, said no Angeleno ever. 

Going to the beach during the winter months, especially in LA, when you can’t expose your skin and get a few shades darker, is considered to be pointless by many I know. In fact, I’ve never really associated going to the beach during the months that have the letter “r” (well I guess with the exception of September). 


Trouble Coffee in Ocean Beach
Staying in Ocean Beach, San Francisco during a short weekend escapade, I took a nice meditative walk on the beach, took a few photos, got sprinkled on (by the rain) and thought of a few ways on how to enjoy the beach during the winter. 

1. Wear the right gear. If you’re covered up with a scarf, a hat, a nice thick (down) jacket or coat and protective shoes with thick socks, it should not be uncomfortable at all. 

2. Pick your sport: a meditative walk, a jog, a few sun salutes, or a quick seat in meditation. 

3. Take your journal. The gushing waves will inspire you to reflect and write. Or, just reflect. 

4. Take your hot beverage. Sure, it can be a hot toddy. If you’re in Ocean Beach, just go to Trouble Coffee. I totally approved their Americano. 

Morningtime at trouble coffee

5. Make it a habit, especially if you live near one. Remember that many people never have the opportunity to lay eyes on one of nature’s marvels. 

2016 is going to be the year I spend more time with nature (and no, it does not need to be sunny).

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