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A Quick (First Monday of the Year) Lesson On The Potential of your Mind 

One thing that was taught consistently at the Kopan Monastery during the 30 day retreat was the potential of the human mind. The ability to have direct control, in order to obtain joy and happiness, as well as, to cultivate positivity rather than the opposite is chosen every morning and every moment by humans. 

Kopan Gompa

As most of us are stepping into the office on the first Monday of the year, a workday much unappreciated by many around the world, I’d like to provide you with this quote that was taught to us at the Monastery during our lessons on the mind. 

The Mind is like a bed of soil. If you leave it alone, nothing grows (perhaps weed). If you plant seeds for flowers and vegetables, tend to them, you obtain results. 

A bed of soil is able to support both weeds and fruits. 

How will you decide to maintain that soil (mind)?

As you begin the new work week in 2016, use this as negative thoughts come up and decide how you’ll nurture your mind. Will you keep on ignoring the soil, or will you slowly plant seeds of success, joy and happiness to what you do? 

Have a beautiful day at work. 

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