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Thai Treasures: Best Pla Rad Prik (Fried Snapper in Red Curry) in Chiang Mai

The last meal is everything. My tradition on the last day of travel to avoid any travel anxieties, with time permitting, is to go back to my favorite place, and have my favorite dish for the “last time”.  Even though I never really consider any place “the last I’ll be there” I’m pretty certain especially for Chiang Mai that I’ll return. 

Shelley and Tiff

It was a difficult night to fall asleep to last night. My four month journey was coming to an end, it was a full moon, and I did receive an outstanding massage which left me extremely energized after a long day. Considering I had had 5 courses during our cooking class and a two hour spa treatment, I should have knocked out. 


Tom Yum Cooking School
 Things were great and I didn’t really want to fall asleep. I guess, I just didn’t want it to be over. But, as with all things impermanent, the end of a journey or a “chapter” is inevitable. However much I’ve been able to, I’ve stayed away from lamenting over the fact that I will go back to Los Angeles, to a few emergencies I need to deal with and uncertainty of where the money for my next trip will come from. Surprisingly, I’ve been able to stay in the moment and be as grateful as I can be for this opportunity. Every morning I’ve been thankful that this was even possible. 

Pakinai Cafe with decent scones and croissants

So, this morning I went for a walk within the Chiang Mai city walls, had my coffee, did some last minute Christmas shopping for the loved ones, and just chilled poolside.  

morning temple visit
Poolside at Villa Thapae

When my friends left I decided to come back to Lemongrass Thai Cuisine, where they pride themselves with the following slogan:
No View But Tasty

Graffiti walls

It is absolutely true. There is no view and in fact, quite tacky and tasteless. In fact, when you pass by this place, the only reason you would consider entering is if you see the long lines during peak meal times. 


Lemongrass Thai Cuisine
Luckily I just avoided the crowds as lunch time was already over and not quite dinner time. But two nights ago, we had to wait about 20 minutes. 

Undoubtedly, you can find delicious food anywhere in Thailand. In fact, you probably have your favorite place already recommended by a friend, but here’s another. The fresh fried, crispy snapper swimming in red curry, was my favorite meal on this whole trip. Every meal was delicious the past week, but the Pla Rad Prik with its basil infused flavor was a party in my mouth.

i agree

 It tasted equally great the second time around and I was so happy not to share it this time.  If you’re ever in this part of the world, eat at Lemongrass before you head out to the a night Bazaar.


coconut water or beer

 If there is a wait, just get a Chang Beer or a coconut and sip on it till you situate yourself on the unmatching, colorful chairs, surrounded with graffiti of those who’ve been here and have gone through their Chiang Mai rite of passage. 

Pla Rad Prik – Red Snapper with Red Curry
Part of Menu

As a final memory of this city, this was truly the best idea I had. I thought about going to the airport early with the girls, but sitting here under the multiple fans cooling me from the heat outside, I’m certain snapper withdrawals will begin in a few hours. 

Chiang Mai truly left a great impression on me and I can’t wait to come back to its friendly inhabitants, night bazaars, the elephant nature park, delicious local coffee, the hipster neighborhood of Nimmanhaemin, massage treatments, Buddhist temples, beautiful boutique hotels and of course a taste of Lemongrass and to further experiment the other thousand restaurants out here. 

You can find Lemongrass right near the night bazaar outside of the city gates. Here’s a google map for your reference:


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