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Portrait Series: Mother and Daughter

Mother and daughter were quick to leave their little booth of souvenirs to come and probe into what I was doing. Soon enough they claimed that I am a “yoga champion”. I tried to explain to them such a thing does not exist. They said that I was a big guy, but with lots of flexibility. They were astonished. 

The daughter was quick to offer help, by replacing my auto timer phone camera as the photographer. Her help ended up with me not having any photos I could use, as her finger was covering the lens in most of them or my body was cut out. Instead of being upset, I laughed and continued our conversation.

I wasn’t meant to have those pictures. I was to chat about their ailments and offer breathing techniques as a “yoga champion”. I was able to offer some basic breathing exercises and they were thrilled.

I utilized a few myself on the ride back to the taxi station to forget about the fact that instead of pictures, I established a fun conversation with these lovely ladies who taught me to offer help to those in need, if I’m able and willing to. Her intentions were great, which is why I appreciate it so much. I hope they are breathing slowly and long. For this photo I smiled and then they smiled. But those eyes carried sorrow.

As part of my 30 day meditation and course in Buddhism at the Kopan Monastery in Nepal, I have decided to give voice to the people who have come into my life during this journey, as well as, the lesson they’ve left behind with our interaction. Since I am not permitted the use of technology during these thirty days of silence, I have accompanied their portraits with a brief story.

Read more about the Silent Meditation at Kopan Monastery by clicking here.

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